Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I bought the greatest book at Joann's today. I know it is terribly corny, but I love Joann's. Michael's is great too, but I am a new shopper at Michael's. The book is "Exploring Textile Arts". The book covers very textile technique with beautiful photographs from felting, Pin Weaving, Quilting & Trapunto, Pleating & Texturizing, Stitched Designs & Applique, Openwork & Thread Lace, Devore, Stamping, Stenciling, & Screen Printing, Serti, Sun Printing, Photo Transfer, Foiling & Beadwork, etc.

I think the book will replace my NUMEROUS textile technique books and magazines. I am such a pack rack. I have 8 years of "Knitters" and "Knits" magazines, 10 years of Vogue Pattern Magazine, and 50 - 75 books on knitting, 2 3" ring binders of knitting patterns, and many many more.

Then, of course, my office/studio, garage, and attic are filled to the brim with my yarn and fabric stash, sewing, knitting, and art supplies. Pretty soon my husband will be forced to move out. I give him visiting rights. As it is I am in my studio every night reading emails, buying supplies on the internet, creating ATC's. I have started my first quilt. I need to get off the internet and get to work on the quilt.

I cut myself last night with a Cutterbe exacto knife. I had to have 8 to 10 stitiches. Joann's had a 15% discount for seniors today (I am 61 years old). So there I was at 10:00 am buying more STUFF with my arm throbbing. I am such an addict when it comes to buying art/fabric supplies.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear that you cut yourself. I tend to glue my fingers together with the glue gun alot.
    Your cards are magical. Only a matter of time before you see one of them in a magazine.